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Choosing the right school is one of life's most important decisions. Next to your house, your child's education may be the biggest investment you ever make. Today, there are more college and secondary school options than ever before. Let Hamilton and Associates help you find the one that is best for you.


Finding the Right College

At Hamilton & Associates we believe that higher education is an achievable goal for all. We work closely with families to help find the best possible academic and social environment for their student.


Special Needs and Crisis Intervention

Special Needs

Some teens and their families experience conflicts requiring additional support services to help deal with challenges involving academic performance or emotional upset. Hamilton & Associates can help. We offer intervention and oversight designed to assist families find meaningful, lasting solutions for students in crisis or struggling with special needs.

Crisis Intervention

With a thorough understanding of family and social dynamics, Hamilton & Associates encourages compassionate dialog by facing and discussing difficult or sensitive issues. If crisis intervention becomes necessary, we support the family by coordinating with appropriate professionals and introducing programs for treatment and recovery.


Boarding Schools

Today many families are making the choice to send their child to private schools and the choices can be overwhelming. Lynn Hamilton specializes in making the right match between student and private school.


Lynn Hamilton, M.A.

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